The Couture Process

To guarantee the highest product quality, Blanc taps into the expertise of creative designers, fabric connoisseurs, and detail-oriented craftsmen. Fundamental to the heritage of the brand is the careful selection of fabrics, grounded in the strong belief that quality fabric selection is a critical part of the entire couture creation process.

Being fully committed to boundless creativity and perfection, we nurture the art of craftsmanship, as we blend new techniques with a traditional knack for detail and precision to deliver the finest hands to the modern consumer.

Blanc couture is a contemporary reinvention of savoir-faire.

Initial Consultation

You will meet with a Client Relations specialist for a one-to-one consultation at an agreed location. (the personalized consultation is strictly by appointment, and only available in Accra and Cape Town for now.)  During the consultation, we will discuss the event or occasion, your unique style, taste, and preference, and how you would like to be seen at that event . You may bring photos for inspiration, if you have. If not, that is perfectly fine too…we are well capable of building excellence from scratch.

Even in the absence of a personalized meeting, no detail or quality will be compromised. We can have a hearty discussion on phone and get a clear sense of what will be a perfect fit. And speaking of fit, we have provided a Blanc size chart which will help you choose the right size for your frame and shape, with the possibility of customization, of cause.

Bespoke for you

Blanc couture apparels are made for you, using your personal measurements. A team of skilled seamstresses and designers will take your measurement during the initial or design consultation. Alternatively, you could send us your specifications, using our size chart as a point of reference.

Design & Sketch

After the initial consultation, creative director Georgette Jou & her team of designers will have a better understanding of your needs and will create a design with a sketch especially for you. Once this design is complete, a second appointment will be booked for you to approve the design, and make any adjustments needed prior to start crafting the unique piece.

Toile Fitting - Pattern Cutting

After the design is decided and your personal perfect block created, the fabric is mounted on amannequin. Our team of couturiers build and sculpt each design and shape until the toile silhouette is transformed.

The Final Fitting

Dresses can take anywhere from 100 to 800 hours to create. We team up with at least 3 full-time designers and seamstresses, using their expertise to work on the microscopic to the salient of details, to bring your vision to life.