Georgette Jou

Georgette Jou (known simply by her friends as Jou) is an entrepreneur and the creative brain behind Blanc – a white couture collection that is the product of years of research into fashion trends and consumer preferences. For Jou, fashion has always been a hobby and a lifestyle, and now is a career.

Drawing and sewing fashion patterns from an early age, Jou later veered into Accounting and Human Resources, getting sucked into the corporate world in the UK, where she worked away in the healthcare sector before later joining a project management team. Her sense of fashion was, however, always evident in her dress-sense. She became the unofficial fashion consultant for many who wished to stand out at grand events and special occasions.  Four years ago, “haunted” by her first true love, Jou decided to take on fashion as a full time career, and subsequently enrolled at the London School of Fashion where she polished her skills in fashion design, visual merchandising, textiles, production, and entrepreneurship. She also took a keener interest in contemporary fashion trends across the continent and beyond.

Influenced by her African roots, yet inspired by diverse cultures, Jou brings life and story to every design she creates.

Over the last three years, she has set out to create a high-end fashion brand for special occasions…those ones you cannot afford to miss or be missed in the crowd.

Welcome to Blanc…